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What IS that building?

There's been a 'buzz' in the air since about November of 2019 when ground was broke on the corner of Noble and Hwy 202!

The building was completed amidst COVID-19, so it hasn't seen much use. Still, volunteers have manned the office on Wednesdays and CalCoDems have carried on with the annual projects such as Shoeboxes for Christmas and Food Collection at Thanksgiving. During the election, signs were ordered and delivered, postcards were written and phone calls made. Meals were cooked and delivered to the COVID staff at RMC weekly since late last winter. All this, while following CDC guidelines for safety.

Very soon there will be no question about the new building at 812 Noble Street! And the 'buzz' will be the work going on to have a BLUE 22! Watch this short video for some background AND some news!


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