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TONIGHT! Join us :)

It's TONIGHT at 6:30 pm ya'll. Get the clutter from the view of the video (optional), wipe remnants of dinner off your face (optional), get the cat off the keyboard (optional), dress the part of you that shows on the screen (at a minimum) and JOIN US (mandatory)

Our Young People will share plans for the coming months - be there :)

ZOOM! ZOOM! ZOOM! There's LOTS to talk about - and there's plans to be made - so join us on Thursday, October 21st at 6:30 pm! If we do not have your contact info, and you would like to attend the meeting - send your email address to before 5 pm today. If we have your info, you have already received the link.

We will:

- Look back at the VERY SUCCESSFUL Women's Walk

- Get the most current update on the Mealtrain Program for the Covid Staff at RMC

- Share info for the Thanksgiving Food Drive

- The Christmas Shoebox Project for the Homeless is right around the corner.

- Discuss 'Postcard for Voters' and how YOU can join others in Calhoun County, in Alabama, and across the country - to help paint OTHER states blue

- Representatives of our 'younger' Democrats will offer new ideas

- Sadly, the Annual Veteran's Day Parade in Anniston has been canceled due to lack of participation - and CalCoDems decided to host a Veteran's Day event! We will discuss details. Know a veteran? Calhoun County Democrats SALUTE Veterans!

- and MORE!

Please join us. Calhoun County Democrats work year round to turn our state BLUE!

If the number of Covid patients in RMC is a measure we can use - we may be able to meet 'in person' soon! Comments/questions? Message us here or email


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