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We wondered how the 500 hand fans and the 250 labeled water bottles would fair - since the weather cooled off and turned into a beautiful fall day. . . . . . .

and how many people would stop at our tents for a chat, or to register to vote, OR to sign up to become a CalCoDem?

The 'proof is in the pictures.' We don't have photos of the tables near the end of the day - ALL the Giveaways and Games; prizes; handouts; business cards; the water bottles and most of the fans were GONE!!! Some registered to vote; others signed up to participate in our events and receive info from us.

The 'straw poll' results for current 'issues' were quite interesting.....

Sometimes we ask each other 'is it worth the effort and expense?' Afterward, the answer is always a resounding YES!!! It is community outreach and is definitely worth it.

Thanks to so many of our group turning out and 'working' on a beautiful Saturday. Many of us 'recorded' ballgames to be watched later :)

Enjoy the video! Click below to watch:


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