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Public Concerns Measured at OxfordFest with Innovative “Bean Count” Poll

By Lee Evancho, Calhoun Journal 3 days ago

Oxford, AL – During this year’s OxfordFest, the Calhoun County Democrats set up a booth with an engaging and unique way to gauge the public’s concerns. They conducted a “bean count” poll, allowing festivalgoers to express their priorities on various issues.

Participants were given ten beans each and were encouraged to distribute them among jars labeled with different concerns, as seen. This interactive approach gave attendees the opportunity to voice their opinions by allocating their beans to the areas they felt were most significant to them.
The process of watching participants carefully consider where to place their votes provided an intriguing glimpse into the thoughtful decision-making of the festival attendees. The results of this grassroots straw poll offer valuable insights into the current concerns of the local community. Gun violence emerged as the top area of concern, with an impressive 883 votes. Following closely behind were voting rights, with 666 votes, and reproductive rights, with 625 votes. Economic equality and climate change, while still important to many, received 546 and 125 votes, respectively.
Sheila Gilbert, Chair of the Calhoun County Democratic Executive Committee, highlighted the significance of such simple efforts in gaining a deeper understanding of the public’s sentiments. “Simple efforts like this reveal a lot about what the public is thinking at a given time,” Gilbert noted, emphasizing the importance of elected officials paying close attention to these concerns.
It’s worth noting that these results are presented without any indication of the party’s interest or bias. The “bean count” poll served as a nonpartisan means of engaging with the community and understanding their perspectives on various issues.


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