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Pick up the Phone. Make that Call.

There is a real possibility that Senator Shelby is open to voting to convict Trump of sedition in the impeachment trial that will come sometime soon.

All Alabamians who wish to see this outcome are encouraged to contact Senator Shelby with the message below. The message does not have to be read word for word as long as its main ideas are conveyed:

Call Senator Shelby in Washington at (202) 224-5744.

You will either be connected with an aide to the senator or be asked to leave a message. You will need to give your name and address with zip code or just your name and zip code. Here is a suggested message:

"Senator Shelby, thank you so much for voting to certify the election of Joe Biden as President on January 6, and thank you also for pledging to listen to the evidence at Trump's impeachment trial with an open mind. As your constituent here in Alabama, I strongly believe that no one is above the law, not even the President of the United States. It is clear that President Trump incited the horrible violence and destruction that occurred at the Capitol on January 6, repeatedly inciting the mob to 'fight, fight, fight.' Then hours later in the afternoon as they were finally leaving he told them, ' We love you. You're very special.' Senator, we are a nation of laws! President Trump committed sedition and must be held accountable and must never be allowed to run for public office again. Thank you for having the honesty and courage to do the right thing in this enormously important issue."

Those of us who've served in some federal position might also want to make a note of our personally understanding the duty to 'support and defend the Constitution....'

Pick up the phone. Make that call.


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