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Pam Howard - The change Calhoun County and Alabama needs

Until you have had a conversation with this woman - you have no idea what Calhoun, and Cleburne counties and the State of Alabama is missing. Engage her in conversation. Be prepared to be gobsmacked (overwhelmed with wonder, surprise, or shock : ASTOUNDED) by her knowledge.... as well as her plans for our future. Mine AND yours!

"Hello Fellow Dems! I am Pam Howard – Candidate for Alabama House, District 40 (Calhoun/Cleburne Counties). The long time Republican Representative from this district is retiring and I am ready to flip this seat BLUE. I have 4 opponents running for the Republican nomination. None of them have experience and I believe I can beat every one of them. As you know, a dynamic campaign is expensive, and I need your help. Can you spare $10? $20? Or maybe $50? My plan is to be ready to go with Billboards, radio spots and TV commercials as soon as my opponent is named. Change takes place one seat at a time. I know you want to be part of the change, so please donate through ActBlue.

And please check out my Kickoff, Friday night from 6pm to 8pm on Facebook Live!


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