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OxfordFest - Democrat Style!

Calhoun County Democratic Candidates and volunteers had a GREAT day at OxfordFest last Saturday! Lots of people stopped to talk to our Candidates - Pam Howard, Lin Veasey, Danny McCullars, and Mercy Pilkington about their positions on issues of interest.

Many thanks to the volunteers who set up the tents, and all the materials AND broke it all down after the event ended. That included Sheila and Jerry Gilbert, Carsie Evans and Frank Chaka, Richard Smith, Jim Williams, Pam Howard, Mercy Pilkington, Angie Smith, Sandy Stewart, and Jim Justice.

Thanks to volunteers who manned the booths on Saturday - Sylvia Cashen who worked the 'tattoo parlor'; Carsie Evans who took charge of the helium tank and the balloons as well as helping with tattoos; Angie Smith, John and Susan Squires and Lucile Bodenheimer for working the registration table; Beverly Williams for the 'Candy Hand' game; Carsie Evans for the 'Punkin Truck' photo op; and Nathan Young for videoing the event!

Lastly, a special thank you and recognition to the Chair of the Calhoun County Democratic Committee - Sheila Gilbert - whose fingerprints were on every aspect of the event. Sheila recognizes that if Democrats are to continue to gain ground in the community - we must be involved in the community. Sheila talked with a lot of potential voters and a number of them signed up to get our communications. CalCoDems have a presence and a voice in the community - largely because of the trust and respect people in the community have for Sheila!

Please watch the 'slideshow' of CalCoDems at Oxfordfest BELOW:


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