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"Our Freedoms, Our Vote"

2nd Anniversary of Jan 6 Insurrection

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January 6 rally in Anniston #OurFreedomsOurVote

-- Our Freedoms, Our Vote.

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On the 2d anniversary of the assault on the Capitol, this event is part of the nationwide effort to demand accountability and reforms to protect our basic democracy.

Rally in Anniston, AL Marks Two Years Since Jan. 6 Attack to Protect “Our Freedoms, Our Vote” - only event in AL or GA

Events Nationwide Demand Accountability and Broad Democracy Reforms

WHAT: Weeks after voters widely repudiated the most prominent election deniers at the polls driven by deep concern over the state of democracy, people across the U.S. will rally in observance of the two-year mark since the attack on the U.S. Capitol to prevent a peaceful transfer of power.

A rally in Anniston will be part of events nationwide to push for accountability to prevent future power grabs by former U.S. President Donald Trump and his allies, and to tell elected leaders to act on a mandate for democracy reforms to protect our freedom to vote.

The event comes as Trump and extreme Republican politicians continue to spread false claims about the 2020 election results, undermine our Constitution; prepare to launch a sham investigation into the January 6 Committee, and seek to retain power by suppressing voting, gerrymandering, and creating state-level ways to overthrow the results of valid elections.

WHO: Jim Williams (organizer), speakers: retired federal judge James Sledge, retired probate judge Wallace Wyatt and possibly others

WHEN: January 6th, 10:30am-3:00pm CST; rally at 1:30pm.

WHERE: 812 Noble St, Intersection of Noble Street & AL-202/8th Street, across from Sonic restaurant, Anniston, AL 36201 (Jim & Shirley Justice Center/Calhoun County Democratic HQ)

Note: This is the only Our Freedoms, Our Vote event listed in AL or GA. From about 11am to noon, we will watch the national rally in DC. From noon to 1pm participants will write postcards to voters and letters to elected officials, make signs, and hold discussions. About 1pm, participants will march with signs from 8th & Noble to the old federal courthouse at 1129 Noble Street (12th St. & Noble). Rally and speakers will start about 1:30 and last 30-45 minutes.

As indicated in the event description at the link, our Anniston event will have several phases. Anyone is welcome to attend all or any part, as convenient.

  • Doors will open at 10:30. Location is 812 Noble Street (Calhoun County Democratic Headquarter), Anniston [intersection of Noble and AL-202/8th St, across from Sonic]. At 11am we will start watching the rally in DC, scheduled for 2 hours. That event has a great lineup of speakers, including Martin Luther King III, Arndrea Waters King, and Rep. Jamie Raskin.

  • About 1pm, we’ll march to the OLD federal courthouse at 1129 Noble Street with a brief rally starting about 1:30. Retired federal judge Jamie Sledge, and retired probate judge Wallace Wyatt will speak. Anyone who hasn't participated earlier is welcome to meet us there for that event. People are welcome to bring appropriate signs.

  • Those who wish may stay at the HQ to write postcards supporting the WI supreme court election and/or letters to our state/federal representatives. Stamps will be provided for up to a total of 200 postcards. Those who go to the courthouse may return from the rally to write postcards or letters.

  • HQ will stay open until 6pm for anyone to drop in for discussion, write cards/letters, or get information.

  • Light refreshments will be available, but those wanting something more substantial should bring what they want or order in. Several excellent places are nearby.

  • Please contact me about any accessibility concerns.

For those unable to attend in person, we're seeking a way to provide virtual access to at least parts of this event.

CalCoDem HQ, 812 Noble Street, Anniston, AL


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