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October Zoom with Ciara Smith, recently elected to the City Council

The Zoom meeting will feature Ciara C. Smith, who recently won a seat on the city council in Anniston. Her campaign focused on educational programs, economic development, drug rehabilitation and public transportation. Ciara's mission is to pursue a career in politics with the goal of strengthening community voices and advocacy for injustice. This meeting will also highlight other local area youth volunteers. Please join us in recognizing the 'future of our community, state and country.' If we have your email address - you will receive an invitation. Of you don't see it - look in your junk or promotions folder. If we don't have your contact info - just email and say you want to join the meeting. Do that before 6 pm 'See' ya'll there!l

UPDATE: Councilwoman Smith has initiated forward movement in the council and she has started a monthly newsletter for Ward 3! We see great things for Anniston and for Ciara Smith!


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