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May 19th: Hamburgers, hotdogs and ALL the fixin's!

May 19th - Calhoun County Democrats will celebrate our May meeting with a COOK-OUT at HQ, 6:30 pm! CalCoDems will provide hotdogs and hamburgers and cook them onsite . We took the group photo below at our last cook-out! We will take a NEW one May 19th.

If you are coming - PLEASE EMAIL or text 256-225-3096 and provide your name and how many are coming with you - so we will have enough tables, chairs and FOOD! If you have a folding chair, you may want to bring that, too!

We need volunteers to bring:

  • pickle relish, mustard, mayonnaise, catsup, chopped onions, sliced onions, sliced tomatoes, hamburger pickles, etc

  • hot dog buns, hamburger buns

  • potato chips

  • slaw

  • kraut

  • baked beans

  • corn-on-the cobb

  • potato salad

  • stuffed eggs

  • fruit tray

  • various soft drinks

  • bottled water

  • sweet tea

  • unsweet tea

  • ice, cooler to keep ice

  • ...... and last but certainly NOT least - DESSERTS

  • We are NOT bound by this list if you prefer to bring something else! If you can't bring something this time - that's fine! We want YOU to share this afternoon with US!

PLEASE let us know WHAT you are bringing - email!! Come and bring a friend. Calhoun County Democratic Committee HQ is located at 812 Noble Street, Anniston, AL 36201 - on the corner of Noble Street and Hwy 202!


Here are some photos from our cook-out last year .......


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