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Life moves on and so should we...

The election 2020 is over…almost. Calhoun County Democrats participated in this election like no other. People from all ages and backgrounds managed to either vote absentee-in-person or by showing up at the polls on Nov. 3. It was most interesting to observe all the creative campaign techniques we used given that any campaigning face-to-face, door-to-door, etc. was simply out of the question. Yet we found all kinds of ways to communicate to our voters.

Thank you. Your vote mattered. We were simply overcome with the narrow-minded republican voters who blindly chose the straight republican ticket rather than choosing the best man to keep on the job. The U.S. Senate is sophisticated and runs by an almost invisible set of not-to-to-be violated rules. I’ll just say that it won’t be easy for an ole football coach to find his way around. It will take years for seniority to take hold and by that time Alabama will be left in the senatorial dust. Pity us. Pity Alabama .

Elections have consequences. We only have to look around to see that complacency and narrow thinking allowed Alabama’s congressional delegation to take their seat for another two years of merely sitting quietly and causing no problems. Alabama simply deserves better, but we can take comfort in the fact that more Democratic voters in Calhoun County have joined the registered voter list this year than ever before. That’s progress. The current election cycle, which has not yet quite concluded, has caused many of us to have all kinds of mixed emotions. Remember, that even before November 3, more than 100 million votes had been cast and we surpassed the nation’s historical turnout. In Alabama we did the same. The first-time voters were active on our local level too and all of us need to be impressed that we all did what we had to do in the middle of a global pandemic. That seems to demonstrate just how powerful a democracy really is.

Let’s keep the faith for President Elect Biden, Vice President elect Kamala Harris and all of those currently being chosen to serve on Cabinet Levels.

“Life moves on and so should we”… (author unknown)

Chair, Calhoun County Democratic Committee, Sheila Degan Gilbert


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