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'Lettuce' Not Be Taxed! It's not political.....

The rain came a little early - and Jim herded us inside after half an hour - but we got lots of 'honks' and 'thumbs-up' during that time! So many voters are not aware of this bill - and some who are - haven't read past the title. Let's familiarize ourselves with these bills and how they would effect us and others, then share that knowledge. We have an opportunity to take this tax burden off the backs of the low income people - and a little help at that level goes a long way. It's a 'win-win' situation. And it's not a D or R problem - we all buy groceries. Follow the links below to read the full text of the bills. Then call your representative and tell them to UNTAX groceries.

Here's some photos of our 'motley crew' from today!

Standing on the corner.....

Frank and Carsie - getting rained on, but happy to support the cause!

Jim and Joseph

Beverly and Sandy, sharing the message!

Mercy and Carly. Mercy Pilkington stepped up and is our Democratic candidate for Calhoun County Commission District 2!! Spread the word to VOTE for MERCY!

Beverly getting wetter and wetter!

Pam Howard, our Democratic candidate for State House District 40! GO PAM!!

Sandy took off to support the bill and wave signs in the rain!

Martha came from Talladega to participate. Gotta' love that sign! AND Martha!


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