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January Newsletter!

Local, State and National News.

Goodbye 2020!! As Tom Petty said, “Don’t Come Around Here No More”

The gifts have been opened and if you’ve been to the store to exchange something – you were likely in the midst of many, many people doing the same thing. Not all of them were mask wearers. With Christmas behind us, we welcome the New Year and are hopeful that everyone who needs/wants the Covid-19 vaccine will get it in a timely manner and that we can ‘get on with business’ sometime in 2021.

The January newsletter attempts to convey the last days of Trump and January 6th in particular. Most of us watched in shock and then horror as the Capitol was stormed and overrun by a lawless mob. Some in the mob were from Alabama. We will move forward and work in 2021 to build the Calhoun County Democratic Party and to get members more involved and active. All of us are going to have to step up. We have a beautiful new HQ at 812 Noble Street, on the corner of Noble and Hwy 202 just waiting for a safe time for monthly meetings and other events. Meanwhile, check out the FB site for days/hours the HQ is open, put on a mask and come in for a tour.


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