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Help us provide lunch for the Covid-19 Staff at RMC :)

Calhoun County Democrats provided lunch again Friday, February 19th, for the Covid staff at RMC. Baked Ziti, salad, fruit, bread and brownies Will you join us and help cook lunch or dinner? We intend to help until there are no Covid-19 units left in the hospital. Next Friday we plan to take Baked Ham, Mac n Cheese and all the 'fixins'. What will you contribute ? Green Beans? Dessert? Plates, napkins and utensils? Anything is welcomed!

These front line workers have been fighting Covid-19 on the frontlines for almost a year. Initially, there was lots of support for them. It slowed in the fall and then became a 'trickle' in the winter. Please help us - help them. Email if you will cook a dish or donate cash. Thank you!

About this Meal Train Plus February 15, 2021 Update: Our COVID numbers have decreased and we are currently down to 26 frontline workers on the units. Unfortunately they are on 12 hour shifts, and with safety measures in place, they are asked not to leave during their shifts for meals.

We are thankful for this outpouring of support, but the daily need for meals continues on. If you are looking for a way to express your gratitude for their sacrifices, look no further than the sign up below. Your donation serves as both a warm meal and boost of encouragement on the days our teams wish they could be at home eating around the table with their own families.

Thank you for your consideration.


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