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Gun Safety Now

Responsible gun ownership is not a political issue.

Let's show our support for Gun Safety by contacting EACH AND EVERY ONE of our representatives!

  • Call them.

  • Email them.

  • Write to them.

  • Visit their social media pages and TELL THEM

    • 'we the people' demand more stringent gun safety rules;

    • 'we the people' demand legislation to protect our freedom to

      • go to school,

      • to a grocery store,

      • and to a church without being shot and killed.

  • No more children trapped in their classroom being blown apart by somebody armed with a legally purchased semiautomatic military-style assault weapon.

  • Enacting laws to save lives is not a partisan issue!

We have ordered a limited number of t-shirts as shown below from a local company. They are Gildan, heavy duty shirts and get excellent reviews. Sizes up to XL are $10 each and 2XL are $12.00. To reserve your shirt - please email and give your size and whether you want a men's style shirt or a women's style shirt. You'll see me in mine in the grocery store, eating lunch, shopping - a walking billboard! bw


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