From the 'Ground Up' - Watch the NEW CalCoDem HQ in the making!

We'd spent over two years at 1117 Noble Street in our 'temporary' home and it met our needs during that time. All the while - Jim Justice wanted the organization to have 'better.'

Thank you to the Jim and Shirley Justice Center! We've talked about the generosity of Jim and Shirley Justice and their desire for the Calhoun County Democrats to have a 'home' that would be both an asset to Anniston, Calhoun County, and the State. This video was made a couple of months ago, and even more progress has been made since. HQ is located at 812 Noble Street, on the corner of Noble Street and Hwy 202. It is OPEN on WEDNESDAYs from 10 am til 4 pm. Put on a mask (or two), plan to 'social distance' and come in for a look. Pick up a BLUE DOT sticker. The sticker does not say 'I'm a Democrat,' but it shows a 'blue dot in a red state.' Look for them as you go about your daily business. We should all be proud to be Democrats! Get ready to work to get Democrats elected - there's something everyone can do - even while social distancing at home :)


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Calhoun County Democrat HQ

812 Noble Street

Anniston, AL 36201


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