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A group of women in the Calhoun County Democrats have been cooking and taking meals to the COVID staff at RMC weekly, on Wednesdays for over a year. We rotate and take lunch one week and dinner the next. We realize our effort doesn't even scratch the surface of the needs these tireless workers - but there's not a lot we can do - so, we do what we know how to do - we COOK!

This week the Meal Train program chair Carsie, suggested we cook on Tuesday and the theme would be 'Fat Tuesday.' She brought Mardi Gras masks and beads; we cooked red beans and rice, jambalaya; muffulettas, shrimp bayou, greens, and cornbread, topped off with a beautiful King Cake AND Moon Pies! We enjoy the 'themed' meals at the holidays! Here's a few photos of Fat Tuesday.....

Meet some of our generous cooks and supporters!!


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