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Democratic Women of Calhoun County

About 35 women gathered at the Classic on Noble for the inauguration of 'The Democratic Women of Calhoun County' last Thursday. The atmosphere was 'electric,' you could see and feel the power in the room.

Pam Howard, House District 40 candidate, organized the meeting and commented "Thursday we held the first monthly meeting of the Democratic Women of Calhoun County. It was a wonderful gathering of community leaders, including elected officials, business owners, organizers, activists, candidates, educators and volunteers. How refreshing to share a meal with like minded, progressive women ready to be part of moving East Alabama forward. If you would like to join this group of amazing ladies please contact us using the information on the pamphlet at your table. You will be sent an invite with all the details. Trust us… you will be glad you did!

CalCoDem Chair Sheila Gilbert added, "Seeing the formal organization of such a strong and powerful group of Democratic women from Calhoun County was absolutely wonderful. The response for a continuing and ever growing group definitely made my heart happy. We have waited entirely too long for this organized group of women to step forward, but the time is now and our work is before us. We encourage other like-minded women to join us."

Email for more information.


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