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Celebrate Essay Winners, followed by a Pot-Luck Dinner

POT LUCK? A Pot-Luck dinner will follow the Shirley A. Justice Memorial Essay contestant's reading of their essays Thursday, February 24, at HQ, 812 Noble Street, on the corner of Noble and Hwy 202. Please be seated by 6:30 pm.

CalCoDem women are known for their 'culinary prowess.' So far we have volunteers for MEATLOAF, FRIED CHICKEN, GREEN BEANS, SCALLOPED POTATOES, TOSSED SALAD, FRENCH BREAD and CAKE!

If it's convenient and you can bring a dish - please post on our facebook page at the dish you will bring. FYI - we have vegetarians! If it's NOT convenient - please come anyway! There's ALWAYS plenty :) The contestant's families will be TREATED and shouldn't bring anything!


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