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Candidate Forum!

The September 15th, CalCoDem Candidate Forum, was streamed live from the FB page. If you missed it - here's your opportunity to see and hear the candidates answer questions sent in via email and from the audience. Get to know them - all are very talented and have highly interesting backgrounds. These are people we can all be very proud of. Share with others.
Some of the candidates will begin phone banking, etc at HQ next Tuesday evening, September 20th at 5:00 pm. Will you join them? They need YOUR help to get elected so THEY can help YOU when they get in office.
Click below to watch the Forum!! When the video opens, click on 'full screen' for a better view.

Then get energized and come to HQ, 812 Noble Street, corner of Noble and Hwy 202 at 5:00 pm on Tuesday to see what YOU can do for the candidates. Let John Lewis be your motivation!


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