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CalCoDems go DIGITAL

Our second digital sign is up and running and it's in a GREAT spot on the By-Pass - going toward the Oxford Exchange. Or to the Interstate. Or Hwy 431 South. Or Hwy 78 East or West. Or Talladega... and points South. The billboard is on the RIGHT side of the road near LifeKids Learning Center and it stands alone, uncluttered by other signage.

The current theme of our signs is Women's Rights - ALL women's rights. Not Democrats, Republicans, Independents, or Undecided - but ALL women's rights. Mine, my daughter's, granddaughters and great-granddaughters. Yours, your neighbors.....

The Supreme Court of the United States' road map is in place. After dismantling Roe v Wade, Justice Thomas suggested that the high court should consider revisiting previous rulings about the right to same-sex marriage, the right to contraceptives and the right to same-sex relationships. You don't have to be pro-same sex marriage to be pro-contraceptives and vice versa. We are in this together. They are chip chipping away at our rights. We have the power to stop them.

The SCOTUS has basically given the Republicans the tools to destroy Democracy. For those who have no memory of how Roe v Wade came to pass in 1973, please read I believe it was a Republican president and majority republican SCOTUS.

That no longer matters. We MUST defend women's rights and all rights the Republican SCOTUS and representatives are coming after.


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