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Please join us Sunday, January 22nd, for a non-partisan rally for Women's rights. The rally will begin at the Jim and Shirley Justice Center, 812 Noble Street, Anniston, AL 36201. This rally is in conjunction with the National Women's March and is hosted by Calhoun County Democrats.

Participants will gather at 1:30 pm at 812 Noble Street, and hear brief comments from Martha Strange, MD, (Ret) Neonatal Medicine Specialist in Birmingham, then proceed to the old Federal Courthouse at 1129 Noble Street in Anniston.

Brief comments will be made - then we will return to the Jim and Shirley Justice Center where all interested are invited to participate in snacks and conversation. Let's talk! AND plan!

A limited number of 'signs' are available at HQ, but supplies are there if you'd like to make your own sign. Please come at 1 pm if you want to make a sign.
We have ' BLING.' And, it's FREE! There's a limited number of green 'Women's Rights are Human Rights' wristbands from the last rally; several 'green' bandanas representing 'Women's Rights;' AND 'Women's Rights are Bigger than Roe' buttons! (Thank you Carsie!)

Again, please join this non-partisan effort to support Women's Rights. Spread the word.

What? 'Women's Rights are Bigger than Roe,' a nonpartisan rally

Where? The Jim and Shirley Justice Center, 812 Noble Street, Anniston

When? Sunday, January 22, 1:30 pm

We know WHY.


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