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Are we there yet??


No! There’s still frost warnings!

WHAAAT? I haven’t planted a garden yet!

Super Tuesday – that went well.

What about the flowers and the vegetables?

Mulch! We have to mulch! And weed eat.

Easter! Church! Where are the decorations? Eggs! Baskets! But no family!

April flowers bloom in May! But not if we can’t get out and buy them and plant them!

Where IS the fellow that keeps our a/c running? It can’t be summer! We MISSED Spring!

Beach? Bathing Suit? I haven’t been out of the house in months! No beach for me, uh uh! Nooo!

School? How can school be starting? I don’t remember it finishing last year?

Noooo, school never finished! How can it start? Home schooling? Not here, not in this house!

If there’s not going to be any school – you’ll just have to go out and get a job!

Labor Day and I’m STILL cooped up in the house with my ‘significant other’

Halloween costumes? Really? The Great Pumpkin! Really? Michael Myers? I hear a chain saw!

Thanksgiving dinner, with all the trimmings. But without family. Maybe we’ll just get ‘take out’ ☹

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas! Home Alone. Maybe A Zoom Christmas!

Because we want to see our family during the holidays next year,

Most of us will wear our masks and continue to social distance THIS year!

January 2021 – President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris!

Hello Leadership, Experience, Compassion, Knowledge, Fairness, Integrity

It’s been quite a ride, and sadly, many didn’t make it through 2020. Some lost their lives, some lost their jobs, some lost their business. Some of us barely hung on to our ‘sanity.’ As we watched our ‘leadership’ in the White House and Senate, we saw too many lose their integrity. In the end, Democracy has been saved for the next four years. We still have lots of work to do – now is not the time to slow down. Look over your shoulder and we’ll all see what could happen if we do that.

Become active in the Calhoun County Democratic Party. Attend meetings, donate, take a leadership role. We have a ‘forever’ home at 812 Noble Street through the selfless generosity of Jim and Shirley Justice. That’s a big deal. It isn’t free–there’ll be new costs - insurance, taxes, maintenance, etc. But it’s pretty amazing! So many times, we’ve been asked – do you close after the election? Where will you be next year? Here! We’ll be here!

2020 has kept us apart from family members and friends. I saw a post on a ‘neighborhood’ site tonight where a woman had suggested more people wear masks and we’d return to some sort of ‘normalcy’ and be able to share times with our family again. A fellow commented that masks didn’t make a difference and he could tell by her post that she was a ‘Democrat.’ That’s where we are. If we wear masks – we’re Democrats. I’m good with that! We should all be PROUD of that.

Meanwhile, mask up, meet your kids and grandkids in the park for an outdoor lunch! Cozy up to your computer and have a Zoom get together with friends and family. And if you must go to work – practice social distancing and mask wearing. Remember – if you are reading this – you are a part of ‘the CalCoDem family’ and we look forward to seeing you again - in person - at a monthly meeting and potluck dinner as soon as it is safe to gather!

Beverly Williams Newsletter Editor


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