Alabama Public Service Commission Candidate Laura Casey!

Many of you missed a really good presentation from Alabama Public Service Commission Candidate Laura Casey on our Zoom meeting last night. WOW! She's young, smart, an attorney and doesn't intend to 'go away' anytime soon! Who knew what a strangle hold Alabama Power has on the state! One of the poorest states has the highest utility rates in the country?? We should have recorded the meeting, but didn't. Laura also talked about the issues on her website at --

This article includes a lot of what she talked about---

Laura Casey's email is ---

Take a look! You won't be happy with what she has to say about this huge issue - but you will likely VOTE for Laura and tell others about her!

Here's a pic of the last Zoom meeting with Laura Casey. Watch your email for invitations to these meetings. We've had Senator Jones, ADP Chair Chris England, ADP Regional Political Director, Lee Auman and AL PSC Candidate Laura Casey. If we don't have your email - you can sign up on this website or email


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