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A Democrat Thanksgiving

The CalCoDem Thanksgiving Celebration was a huge success! Almost every chair was filled!

Turkey, dressing, gravy, cranberry sauce, ham, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, potato salad, English pea salad, too many sides to name! Banana pudding, blueberry salad, pistachio cake, cranberry cake, pecan pie, cookie bars, pound cake, etc! Rolls and drinks. Democrats know how to cook.

Our local candidates took the opportunity to thank everyone for their support and to talk a little about the 'ups and downs' of running a campaign. The bottom line: They met more good people than bad. Their biggest barrier - the 'D' beside their names. They discovered there were more projects/plans to help the youth and underprivileged than they'd been familiar with prior to becoming candidates. Also, that there was more need in our community than solutions - and they will continue to look for ways to fill some of those needs. Thank you Lin, Danny, Pam and Mercy for your time and continued dedication!

Chair, Sheila Gilbert, gives anyone in attendance an opportunity to speak briefly to the group at the end of each meeting/gathering. There are always some interesting insights/comments.

We were delighted to be joined by two very impressive young people. Young Aiden is working on a petition to get better high speed internet in his school. One of the CalCoDem members in attendance offered to sign the petition. Aiden replied 'Sorry, it's only for kids at school.' He's a bright and forward thinking young man. Catalina comes from a family of ministers and community activists! Look out for these two!

Apologies for failing to get a pic of Danny and Mercy. I was listening intently and forgot what my 'real' job was. They are gonna' fire me! 'Click' on the pics for larger view. Beverly

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