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Women's Rights are Human Rights

Representing all women of Northeast Alabama who believe a woman has a right to control her own healthcare, which includes reproductive freedom! We won't attempt go into all the medical hazards a woman faces during pregnancy, never mind the socioeconomic and health issues. However, everyone is encouraged to educate themselves with documented facts on abortion and childbirth in Alabama.

The Texas GOP, along with Alabama and other red states passed laws taking away women's rights to their own reproductive decisions. JOIN US to tell the GOP that "We Will Not Go Back"!! Let your voices be heard! Our very own "rock star" activist for Women's Rights, Lilly Ledbetter, will be with us to kick off the march with greetings of encouragement and strength!

This event is open to ALL WOMEN who believe in a woman's right to control her own healthcare and reproductive decisions as well as ALL MEN who believe women's rights are human rights. This is not a political issue and this is not a political event. This is a human issue that affects every woman of childbearing age. Join us to make a statement!! We will observe COVID safety precautions and require masks and social distancing when possible. We have masks and hand sanitizer if needed.

Join us on the corner of Hwy 202 and Noble Street at 11:00 a.m., Saturday, October 2nd. Park in the old Winn Dixie parking lot. We will march to the Federal Court House on the corner of 12th Street and Noble St. We will conduct ourselves in a lawful, peaceful manner - walking only on the sidewalks, allowing any pedestrians to pass and we will obey traffic signals and we will not block traffic nor march in the streets. Bring your own sign!

We have 'women's rights' themed 'buttons' for the first 50 people and t-shirts for the first 30! We also hope to have themed face masks for the first 20 people!


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