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We are in this together....

So..... we all know how critical our vote is this election cycle. If we don't want an orange faced 'KING' - we need to write postcards, phone bank, donate, etc to races identified as 'close races' for Democrats outside Alabama. We have work to do.

We will be phone banking and canvassing for Shomari Figures in the newly re-drawn District 2 a little later. Be on the look out for the announcement :) Meanwhile, Meet Shomari.

Alabama is home. It is where I was raised in my grandfather’s church and where I was educated from kindergarten to degree in law. The people and places of the state made me who I am today. Inspired by parents Michael and Vivian Figures, who devoted their careers to public service and instilled in me the values of service and community, I’ve dedicated my life’s work to advocate for the people and places that have always been at the core of who I am: the people of Alabama.

Meanwhile, stop in at CalCoDem HQ, 812 Noble Street, corner of Noble Street and Hwy 202, Wednesdays from 10 am til 4 pm.

Take a tour of the place, kick the tires, get a drink from the water fountain, lol! See what you think. Have some popcorn and a cold drink. A very generous donor bought the property the HQ building sits on and built the building. Just for us, you and me. Come see it. We hope it feels like home.

Take home a Biden-Harris yard sign and a couple of business cards. Come to the CalCoDem meetings – ordinarily the 3rd Thursday of each month. We have a pitch in dinner, followed by a speaker. IF WE DO NOT have your email address - please share that so you don't miss news of upcoming meetings, rallies, etc.

Local donations make HQ run.

Donate to CalCoDems to support the purchase of signs, banners and space on digital billboards this election cycle. Local donations make HQ run. Every cost associated with maintaining headquarters – from paper clips, dish detergent and toilet paper - to the utilities and property taxes - is paid for with donations from our members. Some give $5/mo, others $25, and some give more. More is always needed.  As far as the Alabama Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee go - we don't exist. We are on our own. We know the RNC pours in big bucks to our State. It's easy to make a one-time donation or set up a recurring donation on Act Blue. Just click on the 'DONATE' on our website button and it will take you to the CalCoDem donation form on Act Blue. Thank you!

Bottom line: You are needed. We are in this together. Your presence is very important.

Beverly Williams, Website Administrator


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