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Thirsty Tuesday, September 6th .....

When Doug Jones ran in the 2017 United States Senate special election in Alabama - Calhoun County Democrats pulled out 'all the stops,' i.e., we used all available resources to help get him across the line to VICTORY! I think we labeled over 2,500 bottles, lol! Calhoun County didn't turn blue or even purple - but Jones won - and we were gratified!

NOW, it's 2022 and we are working to get Democrats elected and need YOUR help to get:

Lin Veasey, elected to the U.S. House to represent Alabama's 3rd

Congressional District. Lin is running against Mike Rogers.

Danny McCullars elected to the Alabama

State Senate to represent District 12. His opponent is Keith Kelley.

Barbara Boyd, re-elected to the Alabama House of

Representatives to represent District 32. Her

Republican opponent is Evan Jackson.

Pam Howard elected to the House of Representatives District 40. Pam's Republican opponent is Chad Robertson.

Fred Wilson is unopposed as Commissioner, District 1.

Mercy Pilkington, elected to Calhoun

County Commission District 2. Her opponent is Danny Shears.

Please join us Tuesday, September 6, from 10 am til 4 pm as we remove the labels from water bottles and affix the NEW AND IMPROVED Calhoun County Democrat label.

We have learned that just about everyone - including lots of Republicans - want a cold drink of water at Oxford Fest!
Come to HQ, 812 Noble Street on the corner of Noble and Hwy 202 and PEEL and STICK!


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