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Calhoun County Democrats will participate in OXFORDFEST again this year! Join us :) Saturday, October 7!
We always have fun and it's a GREAT way to SEE and BE SEEN! We do lots of fun things that draw in the kids and they bring (drag) their parents along, lol!

SEE THE VIDEO from last year below! Turn up volume

CalCoDems need YOUR help!

Will you apply temporary 'tattoos' for the kids?

Will you be in charge of the helium balloons for a few hours?

How about being in charge of the 'Wheel of Fortune?'

Want to work the 'GO FISH' station and pass out candy hands to the winners?

Will you be in charge of passing out cold water? Hand fans?

SET UP and TEAR DOWN is ALWAYS in need of HELP! Set-up is Friday afternoon...... Tear down is Saturday at 4 pm. Can you HELP?

Please email or text 256-225-3096 and give your name and what time-frame you would like to help. THANKS!!


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