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Preserving yourself Physically, Mentally & Spiritually during this Pandemic

Betty Presley, Secretary, Calhoun County Democrats

I’m sure most of us are doing whatever we can to help us cope and maneuver through this horrible Pandemic. I want to share some of the ideas and projects one can engage in to help us live a happier, healthier life. Some of these have helped me tremendously:

1. Set aside a daily Devotion Time.

2. Read a good book or finish that book you did not finish.

3. Write a book or start recording Memoirs. Keep a Journal.

4. Exercise at your pace and make a goal to eat healthier. If you cannot go to a gym, you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. Cellphones, CDs and television have excellent programs to help at no cost. Take a walk outside, take in fresh air, enjoy all the beauty of nature.

5. Set aside a time to reflect on the good and the positive that have happened to you and your loved ones.

6. Review and Organize personal and family photos, putting them in Albums or Scrapbook, or other electronic devices.

7. Very important: If you haven’t done so already - make a plan to complete your Will, Living Will, Final Wishes, Financial, and other Personal and Important Papers. Know where these documents are located, let someone else know as well.

8. Call a friend, Call the Elderly, Call a family member you have not talked with in a long time.

9. Declutter your Life. Go through your closet and donate clothes, shoes and accessories you no longer wear or use. You’ll feel lighter for it, I promise!

10. Enjoy your best life and have fun doing It.

Lastly, if you haven’t voted already - I want to appeal and encourage everyone, especially all women,

to vote on November 3rd.

Members of the four historically Black sororities came together for the project that grabbed

the attention of celebrities and social media, ‘Stroll to the Polls’ in Atlanta, GA.

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