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The November CalCoDem Zoom meeting is Wednesday, November 18th at 6:30 pm. If you want to 'visit' with friends before the meeting starts - the meeting room will open at 6:15 pm. Several local 'political gurus' will speak about 2020, sort of an 'out briefing' or 'lessons learned.' We want to hear thoughts, experiences, etc from volunteers and others about the time leading up to the election and feelings afterward. Then we'll dive into the 2020 senatorial runoffs in GA and talk about what CalCoDems vision for the future. Invitations were emailed out this afternoon. If you want to attend and did not receive an email - please send your email address to If we have your email address, you will get an invitation to join the meeting 😊 Hope to 'see' you there!

UPDATE: It was one of our best and most informative meetings with three current professors from Jacksonville State University, a retired professor from JSU, and a retired military historian. They were Dr. Andrea Porter, English Department Head; Dr Jerry Gilbert, retired Department Head of Political Science; Dr Lance Ingwersen, Historian of Modern Latin America; Dr Ben Gross, Department of Political Science and Public Administration; and Dr Jim Williams, retired Military Historian.


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