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NOTE: Change of Location for January 6 Vigil and Candle Lighting

*** Please note: Due to the forecast of inclement weather, the location has changed to the Anniston City Meeting Center, 1615 Noble St, Anniston, AL 36201.

Sign up at Use your phone or bring a small flashlight for a simulated 'candle lighting.'

***Afterward, weather permitting, all interested will gather on the steps of the Federal Bldg, 1129 Noble Street for a moment of silence, candle lighting and singing.

This is a nonpartisan event, all are welcome!

We are honored to announce our principal speaker for the vigil on Thursday, January 6, 3:30-4:30pm. Leonette W. Slay of Birmingham is a champion of voting rights through her decades long involvement in voting rights organizations.

More recently (Sept. 2021) she signed on as a named plaintiff in one of several federal lawsuits against the State of Alabama over redistricting in Alabama in 2021. The lawsuit is Singleton et al vs. Merrill and asserts that the state’s current Congressional redistricting plan, enacted in 2011, is malapportioned and racially gerrymandered, packing black voters in a single majority-black Congressional district and minimizing their influence in five majority-white districts. The suit seeks action from the Alabama Legislature to enact a new plan with 2020 census data that remedies the existing unconstitutional gerrymandering by restoring Alabama’s traditional redistricting principle of drawing Congressional districts with whole counties.

Ms. Slay (according to her twitter account) is a Native Mississippian, retired military intelligence officer, political junkie, coffee lover. Also noted, an antiques dealer.

*** Please note: Location has changed to the Anniston City Meeting Center, 1615 Noble St, Anniston, AL 36201 due to weather. Jim Williams, Volunteer for January 6 Vigils for Democracy. Sign up at


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