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More Information about People with Autism: Nathan Young

Beverly's personal rant: 

For me, one highlight of the April Meeting was information Nathan shared about 15 minutes into the video when he was questioned by a member of the group. Nathan's presentation was excellent and very informative. Sadly, his life had been very difficult - even at the hands of his own family. His current living conditions could be described as 'uninhabitable.' He wasn't 'whining' - instead, he was showing how limited the options are for low-income and people with a 'disability' often are.


  • Click here to see his rental - 

  • This was not a part of his presentation - I saw it on his page and wondered how he could possibly thrive and be around people and work, knowing this was what he had to go home to.

  • We wondered if Nathan would make it to the meeting to give his presentation -

  • his 32 year old car quit on him the day before.

  • Some say it's the transmission. See what you think  

At any rate - he can't afford to replace the vehicle, and his current circumstances could easily make him another statistic added to the homeless population in Calhoun County:

  • Can't get to work and maintain a job - without transportation.

  • Can't pay rent without income from that job (that he can no longer get to without transportation).

  • Can't afford a new/used vehicle on a minimal Social Security check.

  • Isn't allowed to work more hours - as someone with a 'disability'

  • That income would put him over his 'income' limit. 

It's a vicious cycle - through no fault of his, and so many like him - with almost no way out, without help.

  • Where does that help come from?

  • Please let us know if you have any ideas how we can help, collectively or individually

  • Know anyone with a used vehicle they would 'donate' or sell on the cheap?

  • Know a mechanic who would declare his 32 yr old vehicle as 'DOA' or say it has life left in it? He needs a good diagnosis.

  • That's how people become 'homeless.'

  • They simply fall through the cracks.

  • And become another 'number' in the 'system.'

  • Not because they are not trying.

  • And finally - they 'fall off the radar.'

Please call or text 256-225-3096 or 256-225-3370 if you can help or have ideas that might work. You can also email  And thanks for 'listening.' Beverly



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