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NEWSLETTER: Senator Vivian Figures leads the 'Hear us Roar in '24: A Rally for Women's Rights in Anniston

HEAR US ROAR IN '24: A Rally for Women's Rights in Anniston led by Senator Vivian Figures

This newsletter provides a glimpse into what CalCoDems are doing as well as providing local and national information that impacts us all. It isn’t all pleasant, but it is all real.  Information we need to know going forward. Women’s Rights, Artificial intelligence, voting…..

Please look over the table of contents and choose which articles you are most interested in.  Or get a cup of coffee (or two) or an ‘adult beverage’ - and read the newsletter from top to bottom 😊  It isn’t ALL words - there’s lots of pictures, lol!  AND it's large print!

I often have a favorite article or two that should be REQUIRED reading, lol!  This month it would be too hard to pick a favorite. It is all pertinent and timely, much of it critical and could make a difference in the way we live in the future. Please read it ALL.  Beverly

  • NOTE:

    • The June picnic, 'Smoked and Stoked,' on June 20

    • The 'Rally for Women's Rights' on June 20

    • Biden-Harris yard signs are at CalCoDem HQ, please take a sign and make a small donation so we can re-stock.

    • HQ is currently open on Wednesdays from 10 am til 4 pm with hours expanding as the election draws near

PS  All are invited to write an article or opinion piece for the newsletter.  Also, please let me know if you would like to ‘unsubscribe.’  We don’t want to ‘spam’ anyone.  Beverly Williams, Newsletter Editor 


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