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Meet Danny McCullars, candidate for Alabama State Senate District 12


Danny is a certified public accountant (CPA), a fiscal conservative and understands values that bring people together.


People are different. Alabama values include respect of our differences as well as what we have in common.


Business, education and Alabama values come together to recruit high paying jobs to the district. Alabama must put its best foot forward to compete in the global economy.

Why Danny?

Serving The Community

Danny has been a CPA for thirty years, spending half those working in government finance and administration. He is the most qualified to go to Montgomery and restrain excess spending while promoting business and a minimum of tax and regulation.

United By A Common Goal

Danny will represent District 12 with practical experience while at the same time listening to the people on Alabama values.

Get Involved - it’s a big tent for moderates & real conservatives

Danny can't win this race without your help. Volunteering, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together. The time has not been more critical as Extreme MAGA becomes more radical.

Alabama Values

May 22, 2022|Values

When the term ‘Alabama Values’ comes up, what is really meant? In many ways it is a pride that comes with the charm and beauty of our state. We think of neighbor helping neighbor and the big part religious institutions play in our lives. There is much to be proud. On the other hand, numbers don’t lie. In objective measures, infant mortality, poverty, health and education are near the bottom comparatively amongst the states. We are indeed fortunate to have the automotive, aerospace and defense jobs that have appeared since Gov. Folsom first gave unprecedented incentives to Mercedes in 1993. Afterward, many employers have chosen Alabama based on lower wage labor, based on cost of living and based on citizen attitudes toward labor. Making low wage jobs a virtue also has it side effects. Basic services have remained amongst the least in the land and are intentionally limited by budgets. I like to think we are conservative in financially planning for the future. Even so, Alabama must invest in its people to ensure the state we live is competitive on all fronts, not just the lowest wage jobs to attract industry. We are especially vulnerable to inflation because wages are expected to be stagnant While inflation is based on globalization. Let’s change that. We are the Heart of Dixie. Let’s become the heartbeat of the Southland on all fronts! Quality of life, health, recreation, travel and work. It begins with attitudes in Montgomery. At the community level, we are ready for leadership.

Healthcare - Not a Hard Choice

May 15, 2022|Healthcare

The word Obamacare has served to provide the right with an effective political tool for ten years. In the meantime, the lowest income people have been cheated out of the opportunity for basic healthcare through the expansion of Medicaid. There are two financial points of the Affordable Care Act. First, the feds will reimburse 90 percent of these costs. Second, these are working people who will not be costly to the system. By not expanding Medicaid, Alabama has put hospital systems in the position of being a primary provider, and has shut down rural hospitals. The net economic impact of 30,000 new jobs and getting hospitals reimbursed will far exceed Alabama’s 10 percent cost. Let’s finally put politics aside and save taxpayer money!

Getting Real on Education

May 14, 2022|Education

It is true public education has had little support from the incumbent during his tenure. But it’s time to look to the future. The infrastructure is there for schools. It’s also true teachers are disillusioned by the profession. One in two new teachers feel unsupported by their school boards and those they elevate to administrators. One in two new teachers leave in their first three years. This forces many kids into difficult positions, with their careers and Alabama growth in jeopardy. School Boards are responsible to the public, and the public must hold their elected or appointed members to account.


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