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JSU College Democrat President speaks at CalCoDem March Meeting - Join Us

The 3rd Thursday is almost here! Join us at CalCoDem HQ, 6 pm, 21 March for a 'pitch-in' dinner and meeting and BRING a friend!
Special Guest Speaker this month is the President of the Jacksonville State University College Democrats - AJ Crawford!
AJ is a Political Science Student at Jacksonville State, President of College Democrats, Student Senator and Vice Chair of the Governmental Relations Committee. AJ is a sophomore with a LOT going on.

We talk about wanting young people to be more engaged. Let's find out what YOUNG people are thinking/doing - and what WE can do to help further THEIR interests. It's a win-win situation.

Join us Thursday, 21 March at 6 pm, 812 Noble Street. Bring a dish to share with others - if that's not convenient this time - just come. Your presence matters most.


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