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Democratic Women of Calhoun County and Surrounding Areas

DWCC met for the second time at Classic on Noble on the 2nd Thursday of April at 12:00 noon. We were joined by women from the surrounding area, including Talladega and St Clair Counties. All together - which is the way we like it - we totaled 33! THANK YOU ALL for making this another incredible event! We had quite a few 'repeats', and about the same number of new faces....... we are growing!

The plan is to have something/someone REALLY special on the program for the May meeting. Please watch this space for upcoming details. If you haven't signed up to join us OR we haven't reached out to you - email with your name, email and phone number saying you want to join the group. And - if you don't mind sharing - we'd love to have your home address so we can send you a note of thanks or celebrations on occasion.

The group heard from candidate for County Commission District 2, Mercy Pilkington; candidate for State Representative, District 40, Pam Howard; and candidate for US Representative Lin Veasey. We couldn't have more dedicated, knowledgeable and determined candidates. We owe them a lot for stepping up and out - it's not a thing for the 'faint of heart.' My husband ran against Del Marsh a few years ago. Him being a candidate ate up a year of our life and affected the lives of the rest of our family. Though he had substantial financial contributions, there were also out of pocket costs. He ran for office 24/7 for almost a year. I will say and I'm sure the candidates this year will tell you, 'we met some of the most wonderful people and organizations. Until that run - we didn't know some of them existed.'

Sign waving, postcard writing, and phone banking are just a few 'tried and true' projects! Let's get creative and think of ways we can help these candidates, projects we can do. We know they need donations! Then - Let's think 'outside the box.' We have candidates - let's get voters!

Alabama New South President Debra Foster also spoke, stressing the importance of reaching out to young women via mechanisms already in place - and that in addition to that - we must get inventive - find other methods to attract the younger generations. Our area is full of talented young people - we need them - and they need us.

OH! We sold quite a few Democratic Donkey pins (shown below), but still have several of each style. They are $10 for the smaller pin and $15 for the larger pin. This is not a fundraiser, we are almost breaking even on the pins. You HAVE to LOVE them :)

Enjoy the photos of the April gathering below and plan join us in May. Details will follow :) Thanks! Beverly, website manager.


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