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Brown Bag Lunch for the 'LifeSavers' at RMC

Today was 'Brown Bag Lunch' day for the Covid-19 Staff at RMC! We had an 'assembly' line going and STUFFED those bags with a sandwich, pickle slices, chips, an apple, TWO desserts and condiments. Note the white bag for the vegetarian. Calhoun County Democrats will provide lunch/dinner weekly until there is no longer a need. If your church, business or organization would like to help the Covid staff by delivering a meal - check their site at There was great support in the beginning, but it dwindled and has almost stopped.

The GOOD NEWS is that there is only ONE unit operating now and it's staffed with 16 doctors/nurses. There were 4 units and 41 staff members a few weeks ago. They are our 'lifesavers.' Let's help them out! Contact us at if you'd like to cook something OR make a cash donation :)


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