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Alabama's Lawmakers - 'Live'

Jim Williams discovered something "new to us" today! The Alabama Channel!! Raise your hand if YOU knew and didn't share with the rest of us, lol!

According to Jim, "This makes AL one of a handful of states that have text-level search of proceedings of state legislative committees. This's a really powerful tool, because it'll turn up anything in any committee and going back at least a year where that is mentioned.

Kudos to the League of Women Voters of Alabama." #LWVAL #thealachannel

I just watched 'most' of yesterday's 'House Organizational Meeting.' Today, 11 Jan, is the 2nd day of the session - if we start now - we can keep up with what is really happening - LIVE!

See what was said and WHO said it. Around 7:48 listen to 86 yr old Senator J. T. "JABO" Waggoner, reelected in November 2022, say that Republicans had made sure Alabama was '2nd to none in education' and 'had a 'world class economy.'

I watched a few legislative sessions last last year - and had they not been so unbelievable - and heart breaking - they would have been comical. That session continues to do a lot of damage to many families and individuals across Alabama. Expect Republicans to continue. Democrats need to step up and 'get in their way.' Cause some 'good trouble.'

Beverly Williams

CalCoDem Member


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