"A person is a person, no matter where they live."

Making a list and checking it twice! HO! HO! HO! CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE! And so is our 5th Annual 'Christmas Shoebox for the Homeless' project. FOUR Mrs Santa's visited CalCoDem HQ yesterday and each brought great gifts for the homeless! One brought three backpacks filled with toiletries, socks, gloves, snacks and more. Another brought two large gift bags filled with similar items. See the photo below :) THEN two Santa's brought 'CASH' and asked us 'elves' to do the shopping for them - who doesn't like to shop with 'other people's money?' As you make your purchases, keep in mind that Interfaith Ministries provides the homeless population an opportunity for a weekly hot shower - and they always need t-shirts and underwear. Sadly, the homeless include children. Their needs are much like the adults - but please consider including a toy, game, puzzle or doll, etc - that they can easily carry from place to place. Nothing very BIG. Please bring your gifts for the 5th Annual CalCoDem 'Shoebox' Christmas project to HQ, 812 Noble Street (corner of Noble and Hwy 202) on Wednesday, December 8 and Wednesday, December 15 from 10 am til 4 pm. If those days don't work for you - let us know and other arrangements will be made.

We know: "A person is a person, no matter where they live."

"There is no uniform for the homeless. Their plumage is the same as yours."

See pics and info below. Here's one of many available links with suggestions if you have questions. http://morewithlessmom.com/.../real-deal-care-packages.../ Still have questions - email me :) Beverly Williams

calcodem2019@gmail.com Elf, 812 Noble Street Anniston, AL

From Interfaith Ministries: