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Calhoun County Democrat Mercy Pilkington asked for volunteers to write postcards to Georgia voters in a LAST PUSH to get Senator Raphael Warnock elected! They came and they wrote!
These volunteers came to HQ and wrote over 430 postcards! We know lots of others have been writing at home. Send us a pic, and/or let us know how many YOU wrote - and thank YOU for your hard work! Together - we can make a difference.......
Here's a little bit of what we know: Handwritten postcards and letters matter. (See more below)
Here's a little bit of what we know: Handwritten postcards and letters matter. "On average, programs that aim to increase voter turnout are able to get between 0–3% of the people they contact to vote who wouldn’t have otherwise."

While these may seem like small impacts, the consequences often mean the difference between winning and losing elections. For example, President Biden won Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin by a combined 42,918 votes, or 0.37% of the total votes cast in these three pivotal states.

We also know that the impact of our voter turnout efforts are larger in “quieter” elections (such as primaries and special elections) than “noisier” elections (such as presidential elections). This makes sense, because people are more aware of presidential elections and receive far more information than they do for local elections, so each additional ad, canvassing conversation, or postcard has a smaller effect. Finally, the difference between voter contact modes (canvassing, postcards, etc.) is often smaller and varies a lot based on the design of a particular program, its timing, and how well it’s executed."


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