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A Bright Blue Dot in a Really Red State

Calhoun County Democrats



Take Part in Something Great



The Democratic Party is the party of progress, the sponsor of major initiatives over the years that span America's history. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, National Goals for Education, Civil Rights Reform, Environmental Protection, Missions for Science and Space, Sound Defense Measures and many others, all occurred with Democrats at the forefront.  It is in the spirit of accomplishment and the pursuit of meaningful reforms that our local Democrats step forward.  The Calhoun County Democrats want progressive government for all of Alabama and especially for our Northeastern Region of the State.

We are pledged to provide the positive, honest leadership that will move us ahead.  We want to promote jobs for the modern economy, repeal the sales tax for groceries which burdens our low income families so unfairly.  We want to improve the perception of government and help our Calhoun County citizens regain confidence in their state and local officials. We continue to seek greater, more informed public support for quality education, affordable and readily available health care, and protection of the environment in which we all live.

Finally, Calhoun County Democrats believe that rights and responsibilities go hand in hand.  It's up to all of us to work for a present and future society that treats every individual with dignity and respect and provides for the health and education of future generations; grows Calhoun County's businesses and local economies; safeguards our civil liberties and democratic rights; and protects the natural environment in which we all live.


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