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I am very fond of saying 'VOTE THEM OUT!' -Beverly Williams
I know better - but had to be reminded at the East Alabama Democratic Women's luncheon today when I asked, 'don't our legislators KNOW that the majority of the voters are NOT in favor of the recent bills passed as they relate to women's health and the RIGHT to CHOICE?’
The speaker, Mr Stephen Stetson replied 'Yes, but most of them are running unopposed.'
OF COURSE! We HAVE NO Democrats running in most races. We can't 'VOTE THEM (REPUBLICANS) OUT' under those circumstances.

Stephen Stetson, Director of Planned Parenthood in Alabama, hit on many critical topics of great interest to the group - then answered questions. He was very dynamic and didn't have to slow down when he spoke - he was on top of all the legislative issues and more. Thanks to the East Alabama Democratic Women for hosting Mr. Stetson and for inviting the rest of us!

Our situation brings to light that the burden falls on each of us to look for future candidates for office here in Anniston, Calhoun County, in our district and in the state. Those candidates may be found when you look into the mirror and say "Me? Why Not! I CAN make a difference."

My husband, Jim Williams, ran against Del Marsh (State Senate District 12) in 2018. Side story: He told me he'd "rather lie down and let someone drive a car over him... than run for office - but somebody had to do it. There MUST be a Democratic candidate on the ballot." To which I replied, "get the keys, I'll be the one who runs over you." :)

Marsh won 64.5% of the votes to Jim's 35.3%. Marsh had been in the Senate since 1998 and been Senate president pro tempore since 2010. For Jim Williams - having lived in Anniston less than 4 years - that outcome was impressive. PLUS, it said - given a good candidate - Democratic voters WILL turn out and give Republicans - no matter how powerful - a run for their money! There were many times when Jim spoke with voters - they'd say 'sure, I'll vote for you. You are a Republican, right? Oops.

Among the excellent slate of Democrats who stepped up and ran in 2018 were Pam Howard HR Dist 40, Nicki Arnold-Swindle HR Dist 32, and Brook Carbo, Anniston School Board. None of these people had run for public office before. However, they stepped up, spoke out, and put their name on the ballot. 

To some degree - they put their lives on hold for nearly a year - to run for office. These candidates spent not only their time and energy - they spent a lot of their own money. To represent the rest of us.  Thank them when you see them :)

The bottom line is: We cannot VOTE THEM OUT - unless we have candidates on the ballot. And it'll be hard even then - but not impossible.
This is a 'Speak Out' or 'Opinion' piece. Please send your thoughts and ideas to for publication. We NEED to hear other people's voices.
Join us at 6 pm on the 3rd Thursday of the month at CalCoDem HQ, 812 Noble Street - for a pitch in dinner and meeting.
May 16, we will discuss and have 'show and tell' on how to check your voter registration with the SOS office. Also - how to REGISTER to vote. And probably most importantly - how to get the voters who ARE ALREADY registered to vote - to GET OUT AND VOTE!

Please be a part of this movement to save our Democracy.

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