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Oct-Nov-Dec Newsletter

Please enjoy the Newsletter below - just click on the link. Also, there are several 'links' in the newsletter you may be interested in. You certainly don't want to leave without watching the video of the 'Mimosas in the Morning' event! You may 'see' yourself and your friends there!

Take a look at the 'index' of the newsletter and decide where to start. My advice - start at the beginning and don't miss anything!

It is our goal to keep you informed of upcoming events and other items of interest. There are some things I'm still not sure about in the website and apologize in advance if you get this as a 'Blog' from the site, then again as an' email' from the site. A couple of people have told me they get 'everything twice.' Maybe 2024 will provide the time to 'scrub' it, lol! You also have the option to 'unsubscribe.' We hope you don't do that.

Also, please feel free to email if you have an item of interest or a 'speak out' type of article you'd like to add to the newsletter and/or the FB page. Let us know what you 'like' and what you would like to see 'changed.'

Beverly Williams

Website Manager

Newsletter Editor


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