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Letter to the Editor: Workers on the front lines deserve respect from us!

Dear Editor:

How discouraging, infuriating, maddening it must be to the nurses, doctors, and first-responders when they visit a department, specialty, or grocery store and see maskless individuals freely roaming the aisles.

“Our manager won’t enforce it,” was the response I received when I asked a cashier why there were people inside without masks.

“We don’t want to make people mad,” is another I’ve been given.

How many people need to be hospitalized or buried before they believe the coronavirus is real?

Several weeks ago, I ventured into a shopping mall in suburban Georgia in search of one item at an anchor store.

What I saw was a shocker.

At the entrances to specialty shops — from Ulta to H&M — there stood an employee with a hand-held counter and a supply of face masks. If you didn’t have a mask and you refused one, you could not go in.

Some people say that a mask infringes on their rights. When those people don’t wear a mask, they could step on another’s “right to life.”

Alabama is under a mask mandate, which means NOTHING without compliance and enforcement.

Calhoun County has some work to do.

If people won’t do it for themselves, they should throw on that mask out of respect for those on the front lines who endanger their lives daily, and may one day save yours.

Lu Moseley, Oxford


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