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Calhoun County Democrats need your help.


The Calhoun County Democrats have worked tirelessly to remain vibrant and involved….. and guess what? It is working! We have a permanent headquarters, a great newsletter, a website which, if placed on a competitive level, would surely win first place. Our membership continues to grow. We are gaining ground within the Calhoun County Community and we are recognized as a relevant force - helping make good things happen - but we can't do it by ourselves. It takes everyone pitching in with dollars to help maintain the basic workings of a headquarters. There’s rent to be paid, utilities, office supplies, etc. While these basic things are necessary, it is also critical that we are financially able to support Democratic Candidates. That includes buying signs, posters, banners, postcards, postage, etc. Calhoun County Democrats operates solely on donations, and needs your help.

Time is running out…….. Can you help now? Please donate here:

ActBlue is a safe and Democratic-Friendly way to Donate, either by a one-time donation, or a monthly amount. Please help us help Democrats - and let's get Calhoun County back in the Blue Zone. Checks may also be mailed to the Calhoun County Democratic Party, PO Box 563, Jacksonville, AL 36265.

Sheila Gilbert

Chair, Calhoun County Democratic Party


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