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A Democrat's Christmas :)

'Tis the Season. Christmas Dinner and Party to include a 'Dirty Santa' gift swap will be at HQ, Thursday, December 15th at 6:30 pm.

ALSO, we are collecting gifts for our '6th Annual Christmas Shoebox' appeal. These gifts will go to the homeless and less fortunate in our area. You have never let them down before. Please bring unwrapped gifts for our less fortunate neighbors to HQ on Wednesday, December 14th from 10 am til 4 pm. The deadline for donating gifts is Thursday, December 15th at the Christmas Party. Thank you for your generosity! Detailed information follows.....

We know that GREAT gifts for the homeless population include water resistant BACKPACKS. Having no place to ‘store’ items, the homeless usually carry their possessions with them, often in plastic bags. Backpacks would be a huge improvement!

As you make your purchases, keep in mind that Interfaith Ministries provide the homeless population an opportunity for a hot shower 2 days each week, and

t-shirts and underwear - large and x-large - are in high demand. Please DO NOT wrap them. Bring them to HQ unwrapped :)

Food/snack items high on the list are items with ‘pop-top’ lids, such as:

  • Vienna sausages; soups, ravioli, or pasta; canned chili; assorted fruit in a cup; any meal in a can with a Pop-Top!

  • Snacks include chewy granola bars (chewy seem to work best because they are less likely to crumble);

  • cheese crackers or peanut butter crackers;

  • Fruit rollups or fruit snacks;

  • Protein bars; beef jerky, Slim Jims, etc.;

  • small packs of tuna and crackers, deviled ham, etc.;

  • dried fruit/raisins ;

  • peanuts/trail mix;

  • fruit cups/pudding cups (the kind that do not require refrigeration!);

  • small bottled water or juice;

  • plastic spoon or fork.

  • Please make sure that none of the items require refrigeration, as it can be several days before the bags are distributed.

Personal care items are also useful and appreciated:

  • socks (black or white, adult size);

  • mini-pack of tissues;

  • toothbrush; toothpaste;

  • bar of soap; washcloth and/or hand towel;

  • deodorant;

  • comb;

  • small packs of hand/body wipes;

  • Band-aids; Lip balm/Chapstick;

  • hand warmers;

  • feminine care products

Sadly, the homeless include children. Their needs are much like that of adults -

consider including a toy, game, puzzle or doll, etc - that they can easily carry from place to place. Nothing that takes much space.

SHOP – And enjoy the smile it puts on your face and the joy it brings to your heart. Bring your gifts for the 6th Annual CalCoDem Shoebox Christmas project to HQ, 812 Noble Street, corner of Noble and Hwy 202, from 10:00 am til 4:00 pm on:

Wednesday, December 14th

Thursday, December 15th at 6:30 pm

If those days don't work for you - let us know and we’ll try to make other arrangements.


Text 256-225-3096

Text 256-310-0955

"There is no uniform for the homeless.
Their plumage is the same as yours."


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