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Flip the Country: We're Starting in TEXAS!

Calhoun County Democrats! Not only are we going to become engaged in local and state candidates and elections - but we are also getting involved in other elections that can 'flip' a Republican seat to a Democratic seat! First, let's head to Texas!

About this event - We are writing to mobilize voters for a Special Election that will be held in Texas’ 6th Congressional District on May 1 to fill the seat of Republican Rep. Ron Wright, who died in February of COVID-19. This will be a jungle primary with over a dozen candidates from all parties on the ballot. If no candidate receives over 50% of the vote, there will be a runoff between the top 2 candidates. Click here: for a Backgrounder on the Texas Special Election. This round has a script focusing on the May 1 election date, so we will mail the postcards between April 17th - 22nd.

We met people last year who signed up to help! Now's the time :) HELP!

We have a script and addresses from 'Flip the West.' We have postcards - we just need YOU! Mask up and come to HQ on Wednesday, April 7 between 10 am and 4 pm to get your postcards and script. HQ is located at 812 Noble Street, at the intersection of Noble and Highway 202. We can socially distance inside HQ, sit outside on the porch, or in the shade near the steps or you can take your postcards home and work from there. Most importantly COME and bring a friend. We must get Democrats elected across the country.

Questions? Email or drop a note in the 'chat' box on the website.


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