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The Train Station Café - Local Minority Owned Business Highlight for June

Calhoun County Democrats believe in ‘investing’ in our community and one way to do that is to shop locally.

In that light - we will be promoting a minority owned business each month beginning in June. Rest assured - we have tried these businesses - and found them above average in terms of product, service, and price. :)

The first business we are highlighting - is the Train Station Café, located at 126 West 4th Street in Anniston - inside the Southern Railway System building.

Erika Ray, owner of The Train Station Café opened in March 2020, just weeks before the Covid pandemic hit. After being closed for 4 months, Erika knew she needed something special to draw the crowds back in. Her oldest son, Malik, suggested cheesecake stuffed apples and the rest is history. You can follow The Train Station Café on Facebook and Instagram, where Erika posts her weekly and daily specials.

Watch her FB page for daily specials and operating hours. Not surprising – her page has 6.5K likes and 7.2K followers. Erika also caters for special events.

Enjoy these pics of some of her ‘specialties’ and keep up with what she’s serving up weekdays for lunch at:

When you eat there, spread the word!

PS: CalCoDems June meeting will be catered by the Train Station Café. Check out the CalCoDem FB page for the June meeting details and place your meal order with us :) Dems are paying for half of your dinner!!


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