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The R's have rigged the game again....

It looks as if the Deflect and Delay strategy that the AL GOP used to be able to elect 6 of 7 US House members in 2022 is already in play. If this goes back to the courts, will this allow the same thing to happen for the 2024 elections? Jim Williams
Reapportionment committee forces through Pringle plan

Please click here to read the article:

Alabama Democratic Vice-Chair Tabitha Isner will provide updates on this and other important issues with the ADP -

  • WHEN? 6 pm, Thursday, 20 July

  • WHERE? Calhoun County Democrat HQ, 812 Noble Street (corner of Noble and Hwy 202)

  • What?

    • Potluck Dinner, bring a dish if you can, otherwise - please come, your presence is important.

    • Ms Isner will provide Updates on the Reapportionment Committee decision, and discuss....

    • "Being the Party in Difficult Times"

Come and bring a friend :) Democrats have work to do.


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